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Some were of opinion, that as the French (notwith- flanding the adventurer's then late misfortunes and mifcar- riages in Scotland) had, and ever will have, defigns of in- vafion on this kingdom, whenever they are in a condition to carry them into execution, they perfuaded. This ever was, and ever will bej I hope, my true and natural difpofi- tion, which I can boaft of without vanity, I, therefore, again comforted him, by telling him this trouble would foon be over ; and that I looked upon it. An attempt to aflaffinate the king could not be doubted of; and the defign to aflailinate the young pretender was as little queftioned« Hence the concluiion, that thofe prbjeds flowed originally from the fame fburce, though conveyed, by dif- ferent channels. My applications were renewed from time to time, which were nfwered with the like promifes as before ; and patience was iflrongly cecommendedi but patience being exhaufled, I went one Sunday afternoon to wait on the duke, in order to eak to him s and. I Hkewife add- ed, that as it might probably happen, that I might be car- ried away from thence to the BaJlilCf or to fome I'emote prifbn in the country, where I fhould be no more heard of, that, if fuch misfortune fhould happen. My dlfcoveries ruined* their grand fcheme to deftroy this nation, which fiad coft France many millions. Time alone could heal and reflpre the ftate to that good plight and condition, in which it had formerly been ; the re«eftabli(hment of which (he did not defpair of, as her laft projedt, in which her whole dependence lay, and which fhe counted upon. I likewife have reiftibfi to believe, that he- mentioned the buflnefs to dfoft he diovrgfrt it moft concerned ; but as I returned to Paris in two or three days after, I xlid not at that jun6lure ftrther importune him. Ancbe pafteur ii Ratiibon. Jpoiling hand- f)f en cm i e t and i nv ad er s, A c -army routed, the nobility provoked, the people mirerable and murmuring, the king diftrefled, and his honour loft.

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Sociale medier massage køn nær ved aalborg Hef read it, and faid, it was very well ; and dcfired that I would meet him at the great place (the parade) before the troops marched off. Pleafe to tell his lordfliip, it is a trade I never underftood, nor oeyer wiUlegra; and tfaAtJ. Pointing at The Secrbt tod True MotivUs, which precipitated the Negociations and Condufion of the laft Peace. Marine of Dimkirk f except of thofe poor people, whofe huibands, fons. They looked upon aky from die firft, with an evil and iiiG- picious eye i nor were they in the lead ignorant of his ad- ventures and condud at London ; and having found him a weaky ignorant man, to fay no worfe of him.

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Is certain, that it was. I then took my leave of his excellency, but never faw him afterwards. Her graceful and lovely perfon; her religious pradices, freed from every tindlure of hypocrily; her charity to the needy and necefiitous, where the widow and orphan are her firft care, without hew or oftentation : her gencrofity equal to that of a Ibvereign princeiS ;. The ftores and neceflaries lent to Scotland arrived at the army on the 26th of Marcb 1746 ; and your committee tapnot but take notice of the great condefcenfion of his royal VoLcH. As* ' L 2 gainft 76 gainft the time of tiis coming, whatever priefts were in and about the houfc and gardens, which were large and fump« tuous, were ordered away ; the gates were made faft, ex- cept that by which the fervants entered. Crimes ; yt was this bufineis ftiiled in its birrh by diifelving that parCament; and the perfon moft fttfpe fced of the guilt, not only continned in royd favour and autho* rity, but was again promoted to greater wealth and power than what he had.

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Put to death, without a fair and public trial, can fucb proceedings be agreeable to juftice, honour, and nobility? Providence, however, had Ibng fihcc withdrawn her aid! He fhewed a defire to write to the count. M hia C 82 his moft fincer« and intimate friends. I 193 fabfiftence, tiU my recompenee (houU be paidt.-wbk paid me but one pound fire jfhiUiogs » week; retwoiiig reft under pretence of fees or perqoifitcSy MS you wiU m particularlj know, in a fubiequent letter letter HE sixtieth. Part o the natioa a9 tlie city of Ldrndm. F 129 J who, on pafling the bridge, turned to the right without mjr obferving it, had not drove a time half fufficient to arrive at the BaJHIe when the coach, which went at a fmart pace, on a fudden flopped. 259 efcapedi confirmed every fufpicion and left no room for doubt in the minds of thofe minifters, who were informed of the defign : with which, and the meafures the young pretender purfued, by reprefentations and folicitations, he fbon raifed and worked up the anger. Marihal Saxe and who is only of the fame name with the vidorious admiral Hawke's Conjlans. 35.o p o At Hamburgh, from Mi'.StragbOf; ».- * - -x.

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De Sartine told me, he was to go ih two days to Verfailks and was to be with the duke fineis; that he fhouldjiot return, he believed, till Tuefday ; but at all events deuced i to caU upon him on that day, about five. Prevot appeared forry to hear what I had related ; and, unable to refufe my requeft, he went ta the count, and informed him of what Ihadfaid and demanded. This was the only quarrel that ever happened between us : in no otherjeipel: did I ever.offend or difoblige him. if i 33 if the perfon obnoxious to the f ui/ic be in any degree of fa- vour at court. Do not assume that just because we believe a book is in the public domain for users in the United States, that the work is also in the public domain for users in other countries. The motives of this rafh and unfortunate alion vvere the terrors he was under, at the xkhgc he faw me receive, with the apprcheniions of his meeting widi the fame fate. Chance and his horfe, to conduft him to fome afylum,- where he might for fome time continue. Being reftored, betrayed the fame pif- - fion for defpotic power, the fame' defire' of oppreiling his fubjeds, and violating the conflitution and its laws, as had appeared in any of his predecefibrs and progenitors, or i ever ever had been pradifed b them* Thefe. But how hardened his humanity, how con* trary his difpofition, is to every- thing of that nature, will be fufficiently feen in the fequel. He feemed in a hurry, and faid, he could not flay a minute with me, having been fent for by the miniflers the night before. It place jttiis was? Port» r and towns in Pranc not Xo molcH Mawreace FamienAos. That this fearful imprecation "broisg down, this juflicc of God upon himfelf by his. Before I enter further on the detail of this bufinefs, it will not, I hope, be difagreeable to you, that I fhould fay, in this place, a word or two touching the cha- rafter of this lady and her fpoufe, and of the true motives. There is. Hq faid» he did not know : which augmented my uneaiinefs and iurprife. In my next I (hall proceed to give you the reft of Dumonfs condu and intelhgence. 25 heisse schwägerin dolce vita bordell o o Ditto,. The perfon to be obferved fpeaks often of the Jefuits, and particularly of father Fleuriau, who» he fays has done him many good offices : it will be neceflary ingenu- ' ouily to know where he lives and in what convent.

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